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New Season of 'Project Runway' to Include Plus Size Models

Season 16 of "Project Runway" will include plus size models in the challenges.

So what makes this season different from the others that included plus size models, and a plus-size designer as the season winner? Each challenge, the designers are getting a different sized model ( instead of working with just one straight size model throughout the competition).

Now, here's the rub: According to a report via The Inquistr, the competing designers aren't happy with the caveat. What makes their challenges more, ahem, challenging is time. Given that most challenges have a 24-hour turnaround, designers who are not used to making clothing for average or plus size woman will spend more time adjusting proportions for the right fit. But, as "Project Runway" advisor (and plus size advocate) Tim Gunn would say, contestants will have to (bad pun alert!) make it work.

"Project Runway" Season 16 premieres on Lifetime on August 16.


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