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Plus Size Beef: 'Fit Mom' Vs Tess Holliday

A social media post from a Californian husband celebrating his wife's curves incited a beef between two noted people from opposite sides of the body postitvity movement.

Earlier last week, Robbie Tripp's social media post about his adoration of his wife's curves sparked a lot of controversy from people who thought Tripp was a little too self-congradulatory. On Friday, Eff Your Beauty Standards founder and model Tess Holliday took to her Instagram to point out how most people who liked Tripp's post are usually harrasing curvy women online. "Stop giving men trophies for doing the bare minimum," posted Holliday.

On Monday, finess enthuisast and mother of three Maria Kang, also know as "Fit Mom" took issue with Holliday's post." I thought it was a sweet tribute of someone loving their spouse despite any standard," Kang wrote on her Facebook page Monday. "When I see someone like Tess Holliday criticize this, it's disheartening. Tess is an obese model (not thick, plus size or curvy) who has popularized the term #effyourbeautystandards and should promote positivity in all forms."

So who's side are you on: Holliday or Kang?


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