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Strutter Summary for 9/8

New York Fashion Week is upon us. Strutter will be watching the sartorial action from afar.

  • Who What Wear took time out from fashion-shaming its readers with weekly Frenchwomen-do-it-better stories to shout out Alessandra Garcia. (WWW)

  • Find out what inspired the founders of The CurvyCon to make the plus size shopping experience IRL. (Racked)

  • That guy who got famous for beating up his overweight dad was secretly hurting himself. Huh. (People)

  • Are we leaving anyone out when it comes to plus size modeling? (The Root)

  • Former plus size model and current WWE Superstar Nia Jax sparks social media convo about body shaming. (Sportskeeda)

  • Chrissy Metz, like the rest of the 67 percent, had a tough time finding cool clothes as a teen. (People)


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