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Plus Size Model Responds to, Owns Meme Creator

If you're obsessed with social media (and who isn't nowadays), chances are you came across the "Girls I like Vs Girls who like me" meme. It's supposed to be who is anyone's guess.  

Yesterday, South African social media personality Leyton Mokgerepi posted the meme via Twitter. In response to her photo being used for "Girls who like me" part (without her permission, plus size model Lesego Legobane responded  a brief but direct response to Mokgerepi: "I don't like you." 

Mokgerepi "had to know his place. So I decided to reply because I felt he was being rude," Legobane told Buzzfeed News.

Legobane's response is being hailed as Thr Clapback of 2017, with more than 600K likes on Twitter. Mokgerepi posted the photo of Legobane he used in the body shaming meme, now tagged as "Girlfriend Goals." But Legobane isn't buying Mokgerepi's change of heart. "I can be fat and still be out of your league," she said. 


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