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Judge Fatshames Assault Victim

A judge in Quebec is under fire for comments he made during a sexual assault trial suggesting the teenage victim was "flattered" by the accuser's attention.

According to Le Journal de Montreal, via VICE, trial Judge Jean-Paul Braun did the following during the hearing:

  • Objectified the 17-year-old victim. "It can be said that she is a little overweight, but she has a pretty face huh?"

  • Suggested the victim may have been "flattered" because "it is perhaps the first time that he is interested in her."

  • Described the non-consensual kiss as an "acceptable gesture."

Cab driver Carlo Figaro, 49, was accused of forcibly kissing and licking the face of the victim, a passenger in his cab, as well as touching her breasts and genitals over her clothes. Figaro was found guilty in May and has not yet been sentenced. He is appealing the conviction.

Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee has said she will file a complaint against Braun with Quebec's judicial council.


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