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Can We Leave The "Clap Back" Story in 2017?

When Strutter launched in April 2016, the goal was to provide news about the plus size industry. To Strutter, news is about strides—good or bad—made within the industry. Surprisingly, this has become a tough order to fill.

The rise of social media made noted figures a lot closer to fans. But it also provides a forum to people whose goal is to take a noted figure down a peg or two. However, flippant comments no longer go unheard. People take notice, and call out those who spent their time on social media to say negative thing about them. Hence, the clap back.

People deal with negativity all the time, but social media has heightened just how far people can take it. So how did this become news? Iskra Lawrence, who has a huge Instagram following, gets a lot of press from dealing with online scrutiny. So does Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday. And every major celebrity in the last few years.

Negative feedback isn't news. It's something we have to deal with as human beings. Celebrities get a ton of it, but is it truly news when a person responds to negative comments? Celebrities no longer depend on the guidance of publicists for how to respond. Some don't answer back and live their lives.

Still, why is the clap back story so popular in the plus size industry? Is it because plus size people feel more empowered to defend themselves in a public outlet? Do Lawrence, Holliday and Graham speak for us when they defend themselves? Should they?

Recently, I read an article where the writer compared "clapping back at the haters" to a negative version of having imaginary friends. Both groups are basically faceless, but are supposed to act as motivation. For what? No one really knows.

So, for 2018, Strutter will continue to cover news about the plus size industry. Just don't look for a lot of responses to the haters or news about clap backs on this website. Frankly, it isn't news. So we'll save the clap back stories to share with friends over drinks, not on this site. Unless it's an epic comeback. Then Strutter can't help themselves.


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