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Why is Stitch Fix Working With Karl Lagerfeld on a Plus Size Line?

Today, clothing subscription service Stitch Fix announced a collaboration with fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld on a plus size line. This is so problematic.

Now, there's not denying this is a moment for Stitch Fix: a new ecommerce site working with an iconic figure in fashion is a big get. However, is working with a designer who is known for disliking anyone above a size six truly beneficial for a size-inclusive company?

Maybe you know of Lagerfeld for his work with Chanel. But some of you may know that he is very opinionated, especially about women's bodies. In 2013 Lagerfeld was taken to court in France over what he said about women. The year before that, he called Adele fat. At 84 years old, Lagerfeld has not mellowed or found acceptance. In fact, he's only gotten worse.

Why a fashion designer who has time and time again disparages bigger women working on a plus size line? It could be purely financial His mainstream line, Karl Lagerfeld Paris, goes up to a size 16. He knows there's money to be made by extending sizes.

There is a benefit for Stitch Fix with this pairing. Working with an established designer like Lagerfeld gets the website a seat at the table. They're getting some fashion cred by industry tastemakers. But how will Stitch Fix subscribers feel about the company making a clothing line with a designer who'd rather see his work on someone smaller? Time will tell if it was worth it for Stitch Fix to get industry love as customers feel betrayed.

Photo by Siebbi via Wiki Commons


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