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Universal Standard Sues Target

Universal Standard has filed a lawsuit against Target for “willful infringing [its] Universal Standard trademark in connection with its advertisement, offer for sale, and/or sale of its line of women’s clothing, ‘Universal Thread,’” as reported by The Fashion Law.

Not only does US feel that the name of Target's line sounds too much like their label, the creative direction is also a little too familiar. Universal Standard is taking issue with Target’s marketing copy in particular. Target's Universal Thread says it takes "great lengths to perfect every fit, in every piece, in every size," while Universal Standard says “everything in the collection is precisely engineered from size to size.”

Another issue is what Universal Thread specializes in: Denim. Universal Standard claims that the names could "cause confusion," as consumers might refrain from purchasing denim jeans from US, assuming the company is working with—or doing a capsule collection—with Target.

Target has not issued an statement regarding the lawsuit.


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