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Netflix Recieves Backlash Over Upcoming Film

This week, a trailer for “Insatiable,” a Netflix original film, hit social media. Many are objecting to the film’s storyline (a fat girl who loses weight as revenge) and see it as an example of fatphobia,

Some have started a petition has started to take the film off the subscription-streaming service.

Yesterday, in light of the backlash, the hashtag #notyourbefore was trending as a show of solidarity in the body-positive community.

Strutter reached out to the creator of the hashtag, Jude Valentin, who says she was inspired to start #notyourbefore as a response to the upcoming series from an earlier thread she made.

“Fat people have to deal with fat bias and fatphobia in our everyday lives, and with a platform like Netflix taking on a show like this—it is showing its viewers, especially young impressionable viewers that fat bodies are not okay,” says Valentin. “This logic and mindset is damaging and encourages extreme dieting and eating disorders. I wanted to create a space for all of us to go.”

So far, no comment from Netflix about the film. Alyssa Milano, who is part of the film, took to Twitter on Thursday to defend her role and film. Those who responded to Milano's tweet felt like the actor missed the mark.


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