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Presidential Dropout Accused of Fatphobic Tactics

Businessman and former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race today, lending his support to Joe Biden. Bloomberg ran on the platform that he was everything President Donald Trump wasn't ranging from political leanings to operations. But in a recent report by Business Insider, the billionaires allegedly share similar views about women.

According to BI (which has a paywall on their site, but thankfully Jezebel reported on the story as well), the culture at Bloomberg's office was toxic for years. Among the allegations, Bloomberg promoted a man for a job because he didn't want a fat women to represent his company.

However, the woman who was passed over for the promotion has remained with the company for close to 25 years and had even appeared in a campaign ad for Bloomberg's inclusivity in the workplace.

There were more allegations towards Bloomberg, including his bias against people of color and those he deemed unattractive. You can read more about it here, if you can stomach it.


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