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TLC Pauses "My 600-Lb. Life"

TLC halted production of its weight loss surgery reality show "My 600-lb. Life" after a report from The Hollywood Reporter revealed the network was filming upcoming episodes despite a pandemic.

Between March 20 and 26, "My 600-lb. Life" was still filming in Texas, Florida and Mississippi. While there is no national blanket policy for COVID-19 prevention, several counties in Texas and Florida have self-quarentine orders and Mississippi has yet to put any policies in place.

Sources provided internal company group chats to THR where crewmembers mention that one subject's hospital was on lockdown and refused to take a trip to Houston for the show out of fear of contracting COVID-19 and was asked not to mention the virus during filming. Another castmember admitted to the crew that they were feeling anxious about the coronavirus and attending a doctor's appointment for the show.

"These castmembers have a compromised immune system already," said one source to THR. "They're not OK. They're not feeling comfortable. It's super dangerous and none of us wants to be the person who gives it to the castmember."

Read more about the report here.



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