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StopStaring! Designer Celebrates Weight Loss, Dismisses Comment

At a time when a couple of inclusive clothing lines have garnered attention for actions that some customers might find unwelcoming.

On Friday, Stop Staring! clothing (a retailer that designs retro-styled clothing up to size 3X/18) posted a photo of a customer on its Instagram account with the caption, "Weight loss perfection in StopStaring! She inspires me." In the comments, SS replied, "...I'm glad she treated herself to a SS dress, she deserves the reward for weight loss! I have struggled with weight for 10 years now."

When a follower of SS announced they were "cancelling" (or unfollowing) the account via Instagram Stories for promoting intentional weight loss, SS reposted replied via IG Stories with two GIFs: Michelle Tanner of "Full House" waving and the "BYE!" thought bubble. (See screengrab on top of post.)

Retail is in a precarious position. Most and will do most anything for customer retention. Most social media managers wouldn't respond to a negative comment with GIFs on IG. It's surprising to see how SS chose not to interact, but to dismiss the comment altogether.

Perhaps the account is ran Alicia Estrada (SS's designer) as mentioned in the account's IG bio. There has been one other post since the weight-loss celebration, an image of a flower arrangement with a request to follow another account run by Estrada, who is documenting her home renovation.


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