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2023 Flavor and Fragrance Trends for Cosmetics

2023 Flavor and Fragrance Trends for Cosmetics

The beauty industry is highly competitive, and entrepreneurs must stay on top of trends. Make sure you deliver the best products to consumers by meeting their demands. As you explore the 2023 flavor and fragrance trends for cosmetics, remember to add them to your products.

Beverage Flavoring

Beverage flavoring is the first trend on the list, and rightfully so. Consumers want unique and interesting cosmetic flavors because they are novelties.

After all, you don’t see cocktail-flavored lip glosses or soda-flavored scrubs everywhere. You can meet consumer demand by adding the top six beverage flavor trends in cosmetics to your beauty products.

You can also evaluate your customer base and consider seasonality while determining more popular drink flavors.

Candy Flavoring

Lip Smackers introduced the “world’s first flavored lip gloss” and featured sweet, candy-like products. Therefore, candy flavoring is one of the original additions to lip products.

Given their fan-favorite status, it’s no surprise that consumers demand sweet flavorings. However, people want cosmetics that mimic specific treats rather than generic flavors. For example, Raspberry Cotton Candy and Pink Starbursts are precise options.

You can also incorporate nostalgic candy flavorings like Bazooka Bubblegum or Wonka Sweet Tarts.

Spicy and Woody Scents

Gender-neutral fragrances are an emerging trend in the cosmetic industry. Spicy and woody scents are a 2023 fragrance trend for cosmetics. The fragrances incorporate warm notes like vanilla and sandalwood to give cosmetics a complex profile.

Furthermore, the scents pay homage to nature as fragrances use herbs to achieve specific aromas. You’ll see basil, rosemary, cinnamon, and other distinct options.

Fruity and Floral Scents

Fruity and floral scents are making a major comeback in 2023 because several of these fragrances fit consumer demand. For example, bright and playful notes come from citrus, lavender, and peach scents. However, rose, jasmine, and blackberry have deeper notes.

Of course, seasonality plays a big factor in fruity and floral scents. Consumers want deep, intense fragrances for the fall and winter. But light and floral aromas will make their way back in Spring.

Remember to change your scent profiles to align with the seasons.



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