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4 Ways To Show Your Boss You Want a Promotion

4 Ways To Show Your Boss You Want a Promotion

Navigating a promotion can be challenging. You often set the groundwork by consistently performing well in your current role. It takes time, but there are ways to show your boss that you want a promotion. Let’s look at some best practices to help propel you to the next career level.

Take Initiative

One of the signs you’re ready for a promotion is by seeing beyond your required duties. When you have a proactive approach at work, you often find opportunities rather than wait for them. If you notice a weakness in the company, take the initiative by seeing how you can remedy the shortcoming.

For example, let’s say you’re a receptionist at a digital marketing company and notice that the current filing system doesn’t work. Your boss might need help finding the information they’re looking for. You can develop a more effective filing system to help make everyone’s lives easier.

Practice Kindness

We should treat others the way we want to be treated. Having empathy goes a long way in the working world. While you wouldn’t want to do it to the point where it makes it difficult to accomplish your work, you can still open yourself up while having boundaries.

Lending an ear when your peers are having problems shows compassion. If you notice a coworker struggling with tasks while you’re ahead, see if it’s OK to take on some of their duties. This helps take pressure off the person, and your boss can see what a great team player you are.

Accept Constructive Criticism

Nobody starts as an expert in their career. You can think of the phrase “practice makes perfect” regarding certain work-related tasks, especially if you’re new to a field. One way to show your boss you want a promotion is to keep an open mind to any feedback they have for you.

While it’s natural to get defensive, remind yourself that these people have your best interest at heart. They want to see you succeed, and people often learn from their mistakes. You may find that their approach to a task improves your overall output.

Communicate Openly With Your Boss

Most importantly, you should be entirely transparent about your aspiring role with your boss. If they know you want a promotion, they can often offer helpful guidelines to see you reach that goal. When you make your intentions known, phrase them politely or in the form of a question. Never make it a demand.

By excelling at your job and being honest with your ambitions, your boss will start to see you in your desired role. The journey to a promotion takes patience, but kindness and initiative go a long way. Handle your mistakes with grace and ask questions on how you can improve.

We wish you nothing but the best in your career! Remember, your persistence will pay off in the end!



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