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A Plus Size Athlete Shares Her Struggles

Many plus size people rarely participate in sports due to their size. Even if they enjoy playing, remarks and stars from fellow teammates may make a plus size person feel self-conscious. But what is it like when you're a plus size competitor? As part of Refinery29's Anti-Diet Project, one woman shares her experience as a plus-size athlete.

Louise Green is personal trainer, athlete, and plus size advocate. Green is in an interesting position: She is breaking down stereotypes about someone her size from the inside of the fitness industry. Below, Green talks about running her first half marathon. It's (fit)spriation at its best:

"Excited by the race buzz, I approached the registration tables to get my race package. This event hosted both a 5K and a half marathon. When I gave my name to the young man behind the table, he immediately reached for the 5K race packages. My body size spoke volumes to him, and he felt confident in assuming I was running the shorter distance. It wasn't his fault. Moments like this happen to me often. I get surprised reactions — the “good for you” call-outs reserved only for big people. That day, I ran hard, conquering 13.1 miles. When I crossed that finish line, I did it for myself and for those who wait on the sidelines, wishing they could participate, too."



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