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Bold is Helping You Burst Through

November- Bold is Helping You Burst Through

Changing the Conversation

Bursting Through is a member supported, grassroots storytelling movement building the world’s largest library of stories celebrating the Queer-Straight relationship. Stories are the most powerful change agent we have to open hearts and minds. These stories collectively highlight our shared humanity and have the power to create sustainable equality for the Queer population.

Bursting Through gathers and produces Queer-Straight stories to share via ever-expanding media channels. These stories of Queer-Straight connection, allyship, awareness and breakthrough make an impact, recycling hate into love, and move us closer to sustainable equality for the Queer population.

Bursting Through

Steve Petersen, Founder of Bursting Through is on a mission to recycle hate into love through the power of storytelling. His 27-year career in marketing and visual merchandising took me on a journey from rural Iowa to Fortune 500 companies in Manhattan.

This Movement is empowered in part by his exhaustion as a 53-year-old-queer-man who can no longer stand the absolute absurdity of my civil rights being the subject of debate.

Boldly Bursting

Beginning ten plus years ago, Bold Magazine, one of two crown jewel properties of Bold Holdings, LLC (formerly Bold Media, Inc.) has covered women’s sports, business, media, and fashion. Having switched solely to plus size news and information in 2014, CEO Christopher Salute showed he was ready to take the leap as a straight, white, cisgender male in a new and highly diverse space… a leap that was not without challenges. In 2021, Bold has expanded to own multiple magazines, a Brand Management Company, radio shows, microblogs and more.

“Bold is about allyship,” says Owner/CEO Christopher Salute. “The cross-section of advocacy we already were doing at Bold guided us into lots of articles and events for the LGBTQ community over the past five years. We’re glad to continue our tradition of advocacy with Bursting Through.

National Out Ally Day

Bold Holdings and their magazines and media brands will be sponsoring National Out Ally Day on November 13, 2022. National Out Ally Day was created to connect the LGBTQIA+ Community and Allies. During National Out Ally Day you will Experience Allyship Alley and add your message of connection and Allyship. You’ll learn what it means to be an OUT Ally. You will hear powerful stories of Allyship from both the Queer and Straight experience. You can have your questions answered by our Empowerment Panel Experts while discovering Easy Activism steps for Allies. Lastly, you can help create sustainable equality for the LGBTQIA+ community!

Buying your tickets for National Out Ally Day is easy. Just click the link below!

For more information:

Dr. Christopher Salute, MBA, Ph.D.

Bold Brand Management




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