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Brain-Healthy Hobbies You Should Start Doing

Brain-Healthy Hobbies You Should Start Doing

We can’t deny the simple truth that we age, and in the face of that, many of us will do countless things to help smooth the process—from stretching to drinking smoothies. However, in all the commotion, we might disregard the epicenter of it all: our brain. Without a healthy brain, we can’t have a healthy body and vice versa. Get a head start and keep reading to discover some fantastic brain-healthy hobbies you should start doing.

Play an Instrument

As we age, the gray matter in our brain responsible for memory, emotions, and movement tends to diminish. However, playing an instrument can increase the gray matter in your brain, improving your cognitive abilities. As a kid, you likely played an instrument that you might consider picking up again. If you dislike your given instrument or wish to play something new, try learning the piano—it improves your mind and strengthens your hand-eye coordination.

Do a Puzzle

It might surprise and excite you to know that you can have fun while also exercising your mind. If you constantly find yourself strapped for time, try to do sudoku or a crossword puzzle as you have your morning coffee or before you fall asleep. You can also make this an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones—invite them over for a puzzle or game night. Puzzles of all kinds are some of the best brain-healthy hobbies you should start doing.

Stay Sharp

We’re in school for nearly 20 years, engaging in nonstop cumulative learning, only for it to end suddenly. When we were in school or university, we likely complained about all the classes, papers, and nonstop work. However, we may have failed to realize just how beneficial cumulative learning is for the brain—stopping our education doesn’t mean we have learned everything. Consider enrolling in a subject you’re interested in and would like to expand on. Then, you’ll find that your memory recall and problem-solving will improve significantly.



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