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Can We Get a "Halston" Spin-off About Pat Ast?

The Netflix limited series "Halston" debuted this weekend. Starring Ewan McGregor as the title character, the mini-series followed the life of famed designer's Roy Halston's life in fashion and the spotlight.

Produced by Christine Vachon, who worked with McGregor on the '90s cult film Velvet Goldmine and written by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, co-creators, "Glee," the mini-series showcased the decadence that swirled around the designer's life. Some storylines were based from the biography pubiished in 1991, some were created for the show. However, one storyline was not just true but legendary.

A memorable part of "Halston" was the entrance of Pat Ast, a saleswoman at the boutique and as part of the Halston entourage. This part was true: Ast was a pioneer as plus-size model for the "Halstonettes." The designer was one of the first to have an inclusive roster of models including Pat Cleveland, Beverly Johnson and Angelica Huston. Ast was also an actress who appeared in movies including Midnight Cowboy, Heat and Reform School Girls.

“My secret is, I’m so fucking fat, if I look good in Halston’s clothes, anyone will," says Shawna Hamic (as Ast) the biopic. Here's hoping we get a biopic of Ast ASAP.

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.



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