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Delicious Ways To Enjoy Rosé This Summer

Delicious Ways To Enjoy Rosé This Summer

This soft, refreshing, crisp, pink wine makes every occasion special. You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy Rosé. Mix it with food, lovely company, and sunshine, and you’ve created undeniable magic. These are some delicious ways to enjoy Rosé this summer.

Herbal Spritzer

Rosé is the wine of choice for the summer, and it’s tricky to imagine it more delicious than it already is. How about adding in some refreshing mineral water and a few springs of basil or thyme? YUM! Add a touch of sweetness with honey if the wine is too dry. This cocktail is refreshing and will cool you down on a hot summer day. Feel free to play around with the spritzer to try new flavors.

Rosé Tasting Party

Why enjoy wine by yourself when you can enjoy it in the company of others you love? Gather all your friends and family to sip on different types of Rosé in the moon’s light. Tell everyone to bring over their favorite bottle of Rosé to share and sip. Have them bring over different sweetness levels, wine producers, and types of Rosé. Everyone can find this information when they read the wine labels.

Sipping Chilled by the Pool or Beach

Rosé is a crisp, clean, and refreshing wine that will help keep you cool in the sun’s warmth. Fill the cooler full of chilled Rosé and head to the local pool or beach for the day! Remember not to drink and dive, and drink responsibly.

Savor With a Good Book

Summer is the season to slow down, relax, and linger a little longer. Whether you’re reclined back in a chair outside or lazing away in a hammock, grab a glass of your favorite Rosé and read your favorite book. The deliciously crisp wine will pair perfectly with the late July breeze.

A Parisian Picnic

Do you want to pretend you’re in Paris, eating incredibly delicious bread and cheese on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower? Grab your most oversized blanket, a bottle of tasty French Rosé, a French baguette, and some delicious French cheese, and head to your backyard.


Spread butter on radishes with a touch of salt for a quintessential French snack.

To be honest, there is no wrong way to enjoy Rosé. Sip on it during brunch or after dinner. You can also enjoy it alone or with a group of friends. Drink Rosé in whatever way makes you happiest.



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