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How To Avoid Downtime in Your Server Room

Two women in white shirts and blue lanyards look at a screen in a server room. Behind them, two men look at other tech.

In today’s increasingly digital age, downtime in your server room can be detrimental to your business’s operations. Fortunately, there are steps your business can take to avoid server downtime, preventing loss of revenue and customer trust. Keep reading to learn how to avoid downtime in your server room.

Prevent Power Fluctuations

Electrical surges can damage equipment, leading to unexpected downtime in your server room. While data centers and businesses with server rooms can monitor upcoming weather and prepare accordingly, some power fluctuations are unpredictable. To reliably protect your equipment from power fluctuations, it’s important to use surge-protected power in your server room. This is so important that national guidelines require data centers to use surge protection to prevent issues.

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is fundamental in upholding the optimal functioning of server room equipment. Conducting regular inspections, cleaning vents and cooling systems, and replacing worn-out components prevent issues like overheating and system failures. The time you spend caring for your equipment will save you from unexpected downtime.

Provide Ample Staff Training

Human error also risks creating downtime. To prevent data corruption and equipment damage, ensure all new and existing staff receive proper training and opportunities to refresh and expand their knowledge. Clearly document your company’s equipment maintenance and troubleshooting procedures to avoid costly errors.

Create Backup Systems

Implementing robust backup and disaster recovery solutions helps reduce the length of unpreventable downtime in your facility. For example, redundant power supplies, such as generators, can ensure your server room is still running in the event of grid failures. Though having backups while things run smoothly might seem unnecessary, you’ll be grateful for them when things go wrong.

Server-room downtime can be a major business obstacle, ultimately hindering revenue and customer satisfaction. Now that you know how to avoid downtime in your server room, you can ensure your organization can stay reliable.



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