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How To Reduce Redness and Irritation After Waxing

How To Reduce Redness and Irritation After Waxing

No matter where you wax, the last thing you want to see is a red, blotchy, bumpy, and irritated mess of skin. Unfortunately, this happens to many people, even those who don’t have particularly sensitive skin. If you want to keep your skin looking flawless, here’s how to reduce redness and irritation after waxing.

Avoid Form-Fitting Clothing

When getting ready to go to your appointment, you should ensure that you wear loose clothing or have loose clothing to change into. After a wax, avoid letting clothing rub up against your skin as this can cause severe chafing. Wear loose shorts, shirts, or dresses, and let your skin breathe. If you’ve waxed in an area where sweat builds up, use a wet towel or handcloth to wipe away sweat gently. Avoid putting on baby powder or talc directly after a wax, as this can clog your pores.

Switch Between Hot and Cold

To soothe inflamed skin, you’ll want to use cooling products such as a wax gel. If you’re looking for something more natural, one of the many benefits of aloe vera gel is its cooling properties due to the high water content. Just be sure to avoid any products with alcohol, as this can impede the healing process. After your appointment, apply a hot compress or take a hot bath to allow warmth and steam to help draw out ingrown hairs and reduce any swelling.

Do Not Use Heavy Lotions or Perfumed Products

While it may seem tempting to use a thick cream or moisturizer to soothe and smooth your skin, this can lead to clogged pores. Your skin is extremely sensitive after a wax, and all the dead skin and hair protecting your pores are gone. Any makeup products, lotions, moisturizers, creams, and waxes that aren’t meant to go directly onto freshly waxed skin should be avoided. You can spot treat with hydrocortisone cream if you have a particularly itchy and irritated patch.

Knowing how to reduce redness and irritation after waxing will help you ensure that your skin looks flawless after every session and give you the confidence to rock the skin you’re in.



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