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How To Support Your Friends’ Career Goals

How To Support Your Friends’ Career Goals

Lifelong friends are your biggest fans, adventure buddies, go-to secret keepers, and more. They support you through every step of your journey. Like all relationships, friendships are a two-way connection; both parties must give and receive. Be that desirable lifelong friend with these three tips on supporting your friends’ career goals and helping them reach their dream job.

Be Their Plus One to a Networking Event

In today’s day and age, who you know plays a huge part in career growth. Your networks are the ones that give you the in, build up your presence in a community, and make you stand out among the crowd. No matter the industry or specific role your friend desires, the connections they make influence their success in reaching their career goals.

Be your friend’s plus one to a networking event and give them the confidence they need to mingle. Meeting strangers in any situation—dating, group projects, appointments, etc.—is never easy, especially for those with more introverted personalities. Having a plus one and a familiar face at your side makes socializing with new people less daunting. Take your friend on a networking date and help them connect with others in their field.

Give Them an Encouraging Gift

Gifts show people that they’re on your mind. On top of making others feel loved, presents also enhance someone’s life with an item, treat, trip, or experience that caters to them. Show support for your friends’ career goals with gifts that encourage them to continue aiming for their desires or that pertain to their specific field.

Buying a customized stethoscope or a custom nurse shirt shows your support for your friends aspiring to join the health-care industry. They become visual motivation and inspire them to continue making their dreams a reality. They also make great gift ideas for the nurses in your life who are already in the field. Give an encouraging gift and treat your friends to something new.

Stay on the Lookout for Resources

Nowadays, it’s common to fill your friends’ DMs with a lineup of videos, pages, and posts you find scrolling through social media. Along with the mix of cute animal videos and mental health check-in posts, send your friends resources pertaining to their desired goals.

From application links and upcoming networking events to inspirational professionals in their intended field, there are many helpful resources to send your friends’ way. Keep a lookout for any helpful posts, websites, role models, and other resources that can motivate them.

Improve your connections into lifelong friendships with these tips on supporting your friends’ career goals. Stand by their side as they build their network, inspire them with a gift, and connect them to resources to get them on the right path toward their dreams. With friendships built on supporting one another, you enhance your life with a one-of-a-kind support system.



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