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Is This Our New (Body-Posi) King?

In the recent issue of GQ, DJ Khaled talked about his capsule collection with Dolce & Gabbana, which will go up to an Italian size 60 (an estimated size 50 in U.S. conversion).

The one-time WW ambassador shared his wellness routine, maintaining his weight, and his reaction to those who think he should be thinner despite working out on a regular basis.

Readers, get ready for a new body-positive mantra:

"What I learned in life is, like, I'm beautiful. And people sometimes joke on me like, 'Yo, Khaled, you've been working out your whole life, and you don't lose no weight.' I say, 'First of all, that’s because I don't lose. I win.' All I do is win."

Wow. It's so on-brand for the celebrity It uses his catchphrase while while clapping back. Khaled did address how he works out for his overall well being, not just for vanity.

"When you see me working out, it's not just to get some pounds off. It goes back to what we were saying—when you work out and you eat good, it gives you the glow. I'm not always working out just to get rid of weight. Sometimes yes, I do, and I do get rid of the weight. But then it comes back, like a normal human being. And then you got to get rid of it again."

Are you ready to welcome DJ Khaled when he accepts his new title as body positivity king?



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