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Plus Size Significance

It’s Plus Size Appreciation Day, a time to reflect on how much progress plus size people have made in society in recent years. At last count, close to 70% of women are considered “plus size,” a size 14 and above. Society is sloooowly learning that we aren’t a silent majority. Our voices are being heard, and we’re demanding respect.

Here’s where plus size people are flourishing:

Fashion: Think back to 20 years ago. Buying plus size clothing was bleak, and stores carrying anything above a size 12 were few and far between. Plus size fashion is much more accessible. There are options, fast-fashion to high-end, formal to workout clothing. In the last five years, there are more plus size models (men and women) on the runway during Fashion Week.

Health and Wellness: Society is coming around to the notion that there are just as many fit people above a size 10 as those who are unhealthy as a size two. (Guess which one gets cut more slack by doctors?) The Health at Every Size movement means there’s no reason to visit h a dismissive doctor who might ignore life-threatening symptoms because of where you fall on the BMI chart. And if you read FabUplus, then you already know how strong plus size women can be.

Plus size visibility in society: We’re on the big screen. We’re on the small screen. We’re on the catwalk. We’re dominating social media. We’re best-selling authors. We write books that get adapted for television. We’re unavoidable.

However, there’s always room for improvement—namely, our bodies as punchlines. Fat jokes are still acceptable in 2020? You know, “Quarantine 15” and all? Let’s leave it behind this year.



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