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Should You Get a Grow Tent for Your Indoor Garden?

Should You Get a Grow Tent for Your Indoor Garden?

Calling all plant enthusiasts and garden lovers! Do you want to know if you should get a grow tent for your indoor garden? If so, check out this quick and helpful post.

Gardening in Seattle

Seattle falls into Zone 8 on the USDA’s plant hardiness map. The area has mild winters and long summer days, perfect for growing many plants. In particular, Seattle weather is ideal for plants that grow year-round, like kale or spinach.

Mild temperatures and a nice atmosphere make Seattle the “gardening heaven” for plant enthusiasts. However, gardening isn’t an activity exclusive to the outdoors. Many people enjoy indoor gardening to grow fresh herbs like basil, thyme, mint, and cilantro.

People also grow root vegetables, flowers, and aloe vera. Indoor gardening is enjoyable, relieves stress, and influences air quality inside homes.

Get a Grow Tent

When gardening indoors, it’s important to create the right environment to support plant growth. For the best results, you should get a grow tent for your indoor garden. A grow tent is an enclosed polyester canvas that holds plants. You control the tent’s temperature, humidity, and light so plants can grow fast and strong.

When people think about indoor gardening, many compare grow rooms and tents. Grow rooms are common for indoor operations (like nourishing cannabidiol, or CBD). They assume that rooms are better than tents. However, that’s not necessarily true.

The big difference between a grow room and grow tent is the size. A grow room dedicates an entire room to growing plants, while tents are portable canvases. Tents are ideal for smaller growth operations (i.e., herbs, microgreens, flowers) inside your home!

Benefits of Grow Tents

Garden year-round inside your home with a grow tent. Along with portability, grow tents have other fantastic benefits. Check out these advantages:

  • The tents keep pests away from plants.

  • You can add a filtration system to circulate clean air into the tent.

  • Grow tents are easy to add inside your home.

  • The tent walls reflect light, exposing plants to better illumination.

Whether you grow herbs or flowers, keep your plants indoors with a grow tent. It’s a space-saving solution for small growth operations.



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