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Signs Your Boss Is Attracted to You and How To Handle It

Signs Your Boss Is Attracted to You and How To Handle It

There is a distinct line that professional relationships generally don’t cross, and if one person does attempt to cross that line, it can become awkward for the other party. This is especially true when the person looking to cross that line is your boss. If you think your employer might have feelings for you, take a look at some signs that your boss is attracted to you and tips to help you handle it.

How To Distinguish Friendly From Flirty

It can be difficult to tell if someone is romantically attracted to you or if they like you as a friend, especially since some people just have flirty personalities. In normal circumstances, you could just ask them flat-out, but you can’t and probably shouldn’t do that with your boss. So, how can you tell if someone likes you? Some will lean their body toward you, preen their clothing or hair around you, and may even touch you or get as close to you as possible. They may ask you excessive questions about your romantic life and what you do for fun and try to get to know you more than they do other team members.

Signs Your Boss Is Interested Romantically

Now that we know what friendly versus flirty looks like, how does this translate into the workplace? A romantically interested employer will take great care of remembering, responding, and considering everything you say. They may give you compliments unrelated to work, look at you often, confide in you, give you special treatment, or ask for private meetings. On their own, these things aren’t necessarily an indicator of romantic interest, but when combined, they can indicate deeper feelings.

What To Do if You Have Feelings in Return?

Aside from ensuring they aren’t in a relationship or married, you have to make sure and know without a doubt that pursuing a romantic relationship is what you want. You’re both consenting adults, but there is an inherent power imbalance here, and if things turn sour, you could lose your job. Additionally, you need to review your company’s policy on romantic relationships in the workplace. If you’re prepared for those consequences and ready to deal with the possibility of rejection, then you’re set to peruse them romantically.

What To Do if the Feeling Isn’t Mutual?

Meanwhile, if you see the signs and know your boss is attracted to you, but you don’t like them in return, how do you handle it? If they aren’t making you uncomfortable or it’s not interfering with your work, there’s one simple rule–ignore their advances. Crushes come and go, and if they don’t see any progress or interest after a while, they will hopefully give up the chase. You don’t have to be mean or rude, but curt responses paired with that “I’m being nice to you because we work together” smile should be more than enough.

Red Flags To Watch Out For

No matter where you work or what your position is, you should never be made to feel unsafe at your job. If your boss threatens to punish or fire you for not reciprocating their advances, know that this is wrong and a violation of civil law. These actions are signs of sexual harassment, and you should not take them lightly. If you’re afraid of these things happening, or they have happened, it’s important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible–you deserve to feel safe at work.



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