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The Most Unique Birthday Party Themes for 2022

The Most Unique Birthday Party Themes for 2022

The one thing humans can be certain we share is the fact that we all have a birthday each year. Some people love commemorating the day of their birth with flair, while others would rather have a simple and reserved celebration. No matter your age or how you prefer to celebrate your birthday, you can still make it special with these unique birthday party themes for 2022.

Go To Graceland

We have all likely heard the name Elvis significantly more recently than we have in the past couple of years. That is fully thanks to Baz Luhrmann's biographical film chronicling Elvis Presley's meteoric rise to fame and subsequent life. If you found yourself enamored with the wonderous sights and sounds of this iconic movie, you might consider going to Graceland for your birthday. Now, you don't actually have to go to Graceland, but you can throw an Elvis-themed birthday party, which is quite a unique theme for 2022.

Invite Minions

It seems like no matter where we look, we can't escape the popularity of those little yellow fellows we call the minions. In fact, if you have or know any children under the age of at least ten, then you are likely very familiar with them. That is why a minion party makes a great theme for any child celebrating their birthday. The best part is that this is also a cost-effective theme, as there are many fun and easy ways to DIY the decorations for your minion party.

Tea and Crumbls

Perhaps you are the type of person who likes to celebrate their birthday with a modest yet tasteful party? If that is the case, you can still have an on-trend theme by hosting a tea party, but instead of serving it with crumpets, serve your guests Crumbl cookies. Crumbl cookies are growing rapidly in popularity as many people enjoy trying their flavors of the week. It is also incredibly easy to place an online catering order for these cookies, so you don't have to stress about a thing on your birthday.



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