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Tips for Adding Outdoor Dining to Your Restaurant

Tips for Adding Outdoor Dining to Your Restaurant

Outdoor dining is a great way to expand your space and welcome more patrons. Like any part of your restaurant, though, creating a successful outdoor space requires careful planning. From the type of furniture you choose to the layout you create, there are several factors that can help you make the most of your space. Establish a comfortable, stylish, and welcoming atmosphere with these tips for adding outdoor dining to your restaurant.

Balance Function and Beauty With Seating

Just like with indoor furniture, your outdoor seating needs to balance both function and style. This is especially true if your outdoor dining area is visible from the street. After all, adding stylish seating and decor is a great way to entice passersby into visiting your restaurant. Options like handcrafted, cast metal bistro tables are a great choice for establishing a classy and charming atmosphere.

However, you also have to consider factors like comfort and durability. Beautiful tables mean nothing if your chairs are hard and uncomfortable to sit on. You also need to think about the elements; be sure to choose tables, chairs, and other furniture that can withstand precipitation and temperature fluctuations.

Don’t Overfill the Space

More seating means more business, but not if your space is too uncomfortable for patrons to enjoy. Strategize your layout to prioritize both seating capacity and comfort. Make sure every table has enough elbow room for customers to enjoy their meal without bumping into strangers or staff members. Moreover, establish clear walking spaces so that servers can navigate the area without issue.

Think About Climate Control

You can’t control the weather, but you can control how it affects your dining space. One of the best tips for adding outdoor dining to your restaurant is to invest in features like fans or outdoor heaters to help patrons stay comfortable no matter the weather. Think about shade, too. If your outdoor dining space doesn’t have a roof, consider adding umbrellas to tables or setting up a canopy to offer some protection from the sun.



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