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Tips for Making Your Bedroom Unique to You

A warm-toned bedroom featuring a bed with a checkered comforter and some unique decorations and wall art.

Creating a personal oasis within your home starts with the place where you probably spend a significant amount of your time—your bedroom. Though you could certainly replicate designs from Pinterest and your favorite influencers, that won’t do a whole lot to make the space speak to you. You are unique, and your bedroom should be too. Use these tips for making your bedroom unique to you!

Hang Up Your Own or Favorite Artwork

Imagine entering your bedroom and the first thing you see is artwork that speaks to you—either created by you or by artists you adore. This is your realm; why not adorn it with things that bring you joy and inspire you?

Choose pieces that resonate with you. Here are some good ideas to get you started:

  • Canvas paintings

  • Framed illustrations

  • Tapestry

  • Embroidery

  • Photography

When you’re done, you should have a story and a reason behind everything hanging on your wall.

Include Items From Your Childhood

Do you have an old stuffed toy or raggedy blanket from your younger years? Or maybe you have a music box you loved to play with or a book you couldn’t get enough of as a child.

Whatever relics you have from your childhood make wonderful additions to your bedroom if you’re trying to make it more personal. These treasures connect your past to your present, adding layers of depth to your bedroom’s story.

Diffuse a Scent You Love

Scent can transform a space. Plus, your home’s scent says a lot about you, especially in the bedroom. If you choose one you love, you infuse your personality into the space.

Here are just a few popular base notes for aromas:

  • Fresh

  • Earthy

  • Citrusy

  • Flowery

  • Sweet

  • Spicy

Within these categories, there are endless options for scents. You can pick something simple, like lavender, or mix and match categories to create something more unique, like warm lavender latte.

Whatever you choose and however you diffuse it, a scent that you love will act as a signature for your room and your personality.

Avoid Big-Name Brands

Steering clear of big-name brands is more than just a statement against commercialism; it helps you fill your bedroom with items that speak to you and that only you have. So hunt for furniture, decorations, and textiles that aren’t mass-produced.

This might lead you to local artisans, thrift shops, or even hand-me-downs with a story. Opting for these unique finds makes your bedroom a true reflection of your individuality.

A Labor of Love

The reason big-name brands are so popular is because they put seemingly countless options at your fingertips for affordable prices and with fast delivery. That makes sense, but investing effort into buying small for your bedroom will ultimately make you love the space even more. It’s a labor of love—it takes time and patience, but the result will benefit you.

Final Thoughts

With some creativity and heeding of these tips, you can make your bedroom more unique to you. If you pursue a more unique space, you’ll feel more at home and at peace in it. How will you personalize your bedroom?



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