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Tips To Help You Mix and Match Your Jewelry

Tips To Help You Mix and Match Your Jewelry

Accessorizing with jewelry is a gorgeous way to add a unique flair to your ensemble. What do you want that look to say about you? Try mixing and matching your jewelry to pull together an outfit that puts your personality on display. Read on for some tips to help you get started.

Less Isn’t Always More

Is your jewelry box full to bursting? You don’t have to save those bold earrings or that dangly charm bracelet for a special occasion. If you have a bold personality, let your jewelry choices reflect that; you don’t need to hold yourself to unwritten rules about how much you can wear.

Pro Tip:

If you are going to wear a lot of jewelry all over, try to match your metals. Choose all silver or all gold for a bold appearance that still looks put together.

Layer Your Necklaces

If you have several beloved necklaces that you keep in a regular rotation, why not double—or triple—up? Try layering necklaces of various lengths for an artistic vibe. Maybe you have a necklace with a special meaning that you wear every day; accentuate it with a long, delicate necklace or even a choker.

Choose an Area of Focus

When mixing and matching jewelry, you might want to focus on one area of your body, depending on what type of jewelry you want to wear. If you love necklaces and pendants, try to go easier on bracelets and rings, and vice versa.

Use High-Quality Jewelry

When you use jewelry as the centerpiece of your outfit, make sure it’s of decent quality. For example, stacking your fingers with rings is a gorgeous fashion statement—but it can get uncomfortable if low-quality metal starts to turn those fingers green or make them itch. Metals like silver and gold, when paired with eye-catching gemstones and unique motifs, are sure to impress.

Get more mileage out of the items in your jewelry box! Wear “special occasion” pieces on a regular Tuesday, layer your favorite necklaces, and mix and match jewelry to your heart’s content. These tips will help you find confidence in wearing your favorite baubles more often.



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