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Top Home Cleaning Tips From Professionals

Top Home Cleaning Tips From Professionals

There’s nothing better than a clutter-free home. Tackle dust, dirt, and debris with smart cleaning strategies. Read the top home cleaning tips from professionals and tidy your home today!

Clean From Top to Bottom

Take the old-school saying, “Clean from top to bottom,” literally. Though it’s tempting to begin vacuuming or sweeping, start cleaning curtains, bookshelves, and lamps first. The dust and debris fall on the floor, and you can sweep them later. Basically, don’t create double work by going back to re-clean floors.

Use Glycerin-Based Soaps

Over time, shower walls and floors appear crusty and dull. Tallow-based soap is the culprit for this lackluster appearance. Fortunately, a great home cleaning tip from professionals is to use glycerin-based soaps.

The soaps rinse better and make your shower walls and floors shiny! Leave soap scum and grime in the past with glycerin. You can also opt for vegetable oil-based soaps, too. It has the same effect as glycerin products.

Steam Your Microwave

Food splatter, odd smells, and residue sit in your microwave if you don’t clean it. Instead of scrubbing stuck-on grime, steam your microwave first. Fill a mug with water and add fresh lemon slices. Then, microwave the mug for two minutes. Steam softens food particles and makes it easy to remove stains. The lemon adds extra freshness with a pleasant smell!

Keep Microfiber Cloths on Hand

Microfiber towels clean surfaces better than sponges and paper towels. They’re also machine washable, making them reusable.

Microfiber cloths are essential for cleaning wood surfaces. For instance, if you have a wood closet system, they’re ideal for wiping down hardware. For more closet upkeep tips, the ultimate maintenance guide for custom wood closets has awesome advice.

Pay Attention to Often-Forgotten Areas

There are so many areas that people forget to clean in their homes. For instance, faucets, toothbrush holders, doorknobs, and baseboards are all easy-to-miss spots. Experts advise homeowners to clean every nook and cranny to achieve a tidy home.

Don’t Procrastinate on Small Tasks

Procrastination is the top reason why people don’t maintain tidy homes. Putting off small tasks leads to neglecting larger responsibilities. Don’t let small messes develop into overwhelming clean-up jobs. Commit to daily tasks like cleaning surfaces and taking out the trash. Small efforts make a huge difference for overall home maintenance.



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