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Top Summer Grooming Tips To Use for Your Dog

Top Summer Grooming Tips To Use for Your Dog

Summer grooming is different, whether you’re a new dog owner or a veteran. Keep reading to discover a few summer grooming tips to use during the season.

Summertime typically means more time spent outdoors for everyone in the family, including the dog. You may worry that you’re not grooming your pup enough during this sunny season. We’ve compiled a few excellent summer grooming tips to help keep your dog happy and healthy all summer.

Extra Haircuts To Stay Cool

Dogs sweat the same way as humans. Their coats act like insulators, making it more challenging to cool down during the summer. You could put your dog at risk of heat stroke if you’re not caring for their fur correctly.

To ensure your dog stays cool all summer long, consider giving them more haircuts than usual. You should also consider shorter cuts to help you better manage their fur and allow their skin to breathe. Professional groomers are happy to give your pup the best haircut for the summer.

Regular Brushing

There are many benefits to regularly brushing your dog’s fur. It provides a chance to bond, look for any skin irritants and bugs, and get rid of excess hair to keep them cool.

Brushing won’t take you very long for the copious amount of advantages it provides. If you notice your dog is opposed, allow them space to roam around and return to you when they please. Start out slow; over time, your dog will learn to love the experience as much as you do.

Ensure you have the right tools to handle your dog’s coat. Ask your professional groomer for pointers and recommendations to keep their fur clean and healthy between visits.

Splish, Splash, Give Them a Bath

Baths may become more regular during the summer because of outside play and mischief. Unfortunately, not all dogs enjoy getting wet and scrubbed down. How about some pointers to help?

  • Start at the neck, and then work your way down.

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe your pup’s face.

  • Be extra careful around the ears, and don’t get water in them.

  • Use a shampoo intended for dogs.

  • Take extra time rinsing. You should remove all the dirt, debris, and shampoo with a thorough rinse.

Most dogs love being outdoors, which can be challenging for you as the owner during the summer. Knowing these summer grooming tips will help you and your dog have a cool season.



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