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Unique Date Ideas for Adventurous Couples

Unique Date Ideas for Adventurous Couples

How many of your recent dates have left you feeling bored? Even though you love your significant other to bits, those dinner-and-a-movie dates can feel routine after a while. If you and your partner are both looking for excitement during your next night out, try one of these unique date ideas loved by many adventurous couples.

Try an Escape Room

If you’ve heard of escape rooms before but don’t understand the hype, try one yourself and see what everyone’s chattering about. An escape room is a locked-room experience in which you and your partner must solve a mystery or puzzle to break out of the room before the timer runs out. You and your beloved will need to be resourceful and work together to find the solution.

Go on a Boat Tour

Schedule a long weekend out of town together. Many outdoor adventure companies offer boat tours through parts of nature you may never have seen before. For example, you can view the majesty of the Hells Canyon area in Idaho on an exciting jet boat tour down the Snake River. Adventure-wise, it’s several notches above a quiet dinner cruise.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

There’s nothing like riding in a basket high in the sky to cure you of the date-night doldrums. You can schedule your balloon ride for sunrise, sunset, or any time during the day. Snuggle close to your partner and peer out over the edges of your seats to see how small your city looks from your new perspective.

Participate in an Open Mic Event

Many couples shake up their date nights by trying different venues or forms of entertainment. For an extra dose of excitement, try being the entertainment for the night; look for open mic opportunities near you and prepare an act of your own. Perhaps the two of you can sing a duet, or one or both of you can try your hand at standup comedy.

If you and your beloved have grown tired of cycling through the same few date ideas, inject some extra excitement into your relationship. These unique date ideas for adventure-focused couples will give you and your partner a host of new memories to look back on fondly.


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