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Wedding Guest Attire: What To Wear at a Fall Wedding

Wedding Guest Attire: What To Wear at a Fall Wedding

Sometimes, it’s tricky to find the perfect wedding guest attire, especially for autumn weddings. It’s not bitter cold, but it’s not summer hot. You must find an outfit that’s stylish yet seasonally appropriate. Fortunately, this article offers some guidance. Keep reading to learn what to wear at a fall wedding.

Never Go Wrong With Fall Colors

Brown, maroon, deep purple, black, and red are typical fall colors. As a wedding guest, you can never go wrong with earthy hues. Select a classic autumn shade that inspires your outfit choices. Perhaps a caramel brown skirt and black blouse will look amazing for the event. Maybe a purple dress with a white faux fur jacket is the way to go. Ultimately, let the season’s colors influence your decisions.

Consider the Weather

While thinking of what to wear at a fall wedding, always consider the weather. Autumn has beautiful sunny days but also cold and wet ones. If you’re attending an outdoor ceremony, wear an outfit with warm materials. For example, velvet and cashmere are warm fabrics. You can wear an ankle-length dress or jumpsuit for warmth. For shoes, closed-toed pumps, flats, and booties are the best footwear options because they’re stylish and season-appropriate!

Dress Code Options

Weddings with dress codes let you narrow down outfit choices quickly. After all, you wouldn’t wear a jean jacket to a black-tie event. Check out these attire options based on wedding dress codes:

  • For formal or black-tie weddings, consider elegant floor-length gowns with stiletto heels.

  • For the cocktail dress code, bring out the “little black dress” with heels.

  • Semiformal weddings are perfect for a midi dress with casual flats or heels.

  • Casual weddings are the place for floral fall prints with black sandals or pumps.

Don’t Forget the Small Details

Accessories and makeup are minor details that will enhance your overall wedding guest attire. Fall is a time for warm and dark tones. Accessorizing with emerald necklaces, dark scarves, or statement bracelets are good ideas. Makeup can pay homage to seasonal colors, too. Denim blue and black are some beautiful nail colors you can wear this fall, especially to weddings. Bonus points if the polish shade matches your outfit!



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