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What To Do With a Spare Bedroom in Your Apartment

What To Do With a Spare Bedroom in Your Apartment

A spare bedroom is a perfect opportunity to create the space of your dreams. Let your creative juices flow and design a functional area. If you need ideas, keep reading to learn what to do with a spare bedroom in your apartment.

Create a Beauty Room

The Kardashians and other celebrities aren’t the only people with “glam rooms.” You can create a beauty room with your spare bedroom. Install a vanity and place cosmetic products inside the space. When you want to put on makeup or style your hair, the beauty room will become your mini oasis. Furthermore, if you’re an aspiring makeup artist, this space is perfect for servicing clients.

Turn It Into a Closet

An ever-growing inventory is a sign that you would benefit from a custom closet. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are necessary for any fashionista, and a standard closet may not fit your needs. Luckily, your spare bedroom can transform into a walk-in closet! Don’t worry about stuffing clothes into a small space ever again when you have efficient space. Enlist a closet-building service or purchase clothing racks and drawers to fill the room.

Start Your Home Office

A common way to use an extra bedroom is to turn it into a home office. As remote work is here to stay, creating a modern office is something to consider. Set up a work desk, purchase an office chair, and place other essential items inside the room. Don’t forget to include storage compartments inside the space, too!

Use It as a Second Living Room

Creating a second living room is another thing you can do with a spare bedroom in your apartment. A comfy sofa, TV, and coffee table with magazines can transform the space. If you entertain often, the space can also serve as a guest room. All you have to do is purchase a pull-out couch, and it’s suddenly an extra room. Of course, you can also use the space as another hang-out spot when you don’t have guests.

Make an Arts and Crafts Room

Whether you’re a skilled artist or enjoy crafts, an arts and crafts room is the perfect option for your extra area. Buy shelves and baskets to hold supplies and get ready for a fun time! Paint pictures, make dream catchers, construct jewelry, or complete various projects. The possibilities are endless.



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