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Strutter's Year in Review

Didn't the start of 2020 show so much promise? It felt like a real fresh start. But then, COVID. So let's take a look back at some stories that made an impact in our community this year. Let's hope for a better 2021.


Nothing to report here, folks. Strutter went quiet in March 2019 but was revised thanks to the support of a few followers.


A study discovered that bigger men fared better in the workforce than bigger women. But plus size women already knew that.


As Fashion Month came to an end, the Fashion Spot crunched numbers and discovered there was less size representation on the runway in Spring 2020 than in years past. So why do we continue to support it?


While most of the world was under lockdown due to COVID-19, many started joking about gaining weight due to the stay-at-home orders. Four weeks of the same joke can make you go a little nutty. Nine months later, it's still a lame joke.


As lockdown continued on, a survey by the Mizzou College of Human Environmental Sciences found that more than 40 percent felt it was worse to gain weight during self-quarantine than to contract COVID-19.


Alicia Estrada, owner of the retro clothing line Stop Staring!, faced some backlash after congratulating a customer's weight loss story on social media. When a follower commented on how Estrada's praise enforced fatphobia, she ridiculed the follower's post.


As the phrase "body positivity" gets more and more adopted by straight sized influencers, Strutter started questioning the validity of the phrase.


Lizzo announced a development deal with Amazon Prime, where she will create projects specifically for the streaming service.


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